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Chilli Kippen was widely read as a staff features and travel writer for major magazines, including Vogue and Vogue Living, New York Times Magazines, Penthouse, Playboy, House and Garden, and The Hollywood Reporter.

She has worked in Australia and the USA. She has written and produced documentary and feature films before she turned her hand to writing novels, with comedy being her preferred genre. She began her education in New Zealand and later attended Deakin and RMIT Universities in Melbourne Australia.

She has travelled extensively but now lives in Australia, dividing her time between Victoria and Far North Queensland.

Chilli sees herself as an absurdist humorist, taking on the insensitivity, paradox and absurdity, and at times cruelty of the modern world with writing that borders on surreal and at times ludicrous, but with a razor sharp eye that is grounded in reality.

Her debut novel - The Captain Loves Caviar introduces the reader to the world of cruising on board the five star cruise ship "Pacific Queen." The ship is the launch pad for her trilogy and Pushkin Goldfarb, (a professional gambler from New York, controlled from the grave by his Jewish mother,) is the observer for the upstairs-downstairs world of crew and passengers that is the touchstone for all three.

The Chef Who Made Onions Cry, the second Goldfarb adventure released in August 2020 by Troubador UK, focuses primarily on a meticulous Francophile Executive Chef and a passenger, a morality driven female assassin. Delivered in a voice delightfully funny and deliciously satirical, The Chef Who Made Onions Cry makes food fads and live sheep transport the target of her ferocious satire.

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