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Some enthusiastic responses from readers....


Read three chapters, and laughed out loud many times.  How clever you are.  The description of the characters is delicious.... 

Sheri D - Santa Fe, New Mexico. USA


We couldn't stop laughing about your book. It was one of those laughs that you loose your breath and I’m just now trying to work out which bit. It will come to me today xx 

Wendy G, Lake Como, Italy


You keep your readers guessing, which is a good way to have ‘em.

Adored the albatross, what a great and unexpected beginning.  Will he feature any more, I am wondering? 

Just love some of your phrases.  Not so sure about some of the characters as yet, especially as I am (believe it or not) somewhat squeamish about body parts, fluids etc. —As for the rest, I keep seeing (even dreaming about) what a wonderful adult animated film it would make.   Who to make?  George Lucas?

Overall, congratulations, Chilli, on with the next one.  

Patricia H – Sydney Australia.


This book is terrific!!! And, it would make a GREAT movie---one kind of in the Grand Budapest Hotel genre, only this one on the sea.  

Rene S – Malibu.USA

A pythonesque tale of cruising. Passengers and crew make up a cast of characters in this hilarious novel where no race or religion is spared the birds eye view of the author. A breath of fresh air in this politically correct world

Amazon - USA

An intelligent spoof. If you want a good giggle then I would suggest this book. It is a good spoof but an intelligent one.

Wickedly funny and a bit raunchy. Definitely a book that will have you laughing out loud in public!


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