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Chilli Kippen did not choose writing as a career, writing chose her and after years of reporting for glossy and not so glossy magazines, Chilli has finally found her genre. 

She writes adult comic literature.


Her years of experience reporting on lifestyles and fashions, travel and entertainment across the magazine spectrum from the elegant, elitist Vogue Magazines to the raunchy Penthouse Magazine, from recipe encrusted Family Circle Magazine to the star dusted film-maker’s bible - The Hollywood Reporter, Chili has reported for them all.  And – like a rolling stone that gathers moss Chilli has gathered a comic slant on life, which she now projects into her fiction.


A master of the language, Chilli Kippen brings us a new look at comic literature.  If you have had enough of war and violence then treat yourself to a little laughter.  No need to leave reality behind, just adjust your perception of it.


In her first novel – The Captain Loves Caviar – A Goldfarb Adventure, Chilli has blended an unlikely group of travellers together and allowed us in to watch their Machiavellian antics.  The Captain Loves Caviar – A Goldfarb Adventure, introduces Pushkin Goldfarb, a gambler from New York City, haunted by the ghost of his Jewish Mother, who decides to try his hand at gambling on a cruise ship.  This is Goldfarb’s first adventure, and his first cruise, but Chilli intends to make this the first of many escapades that Goldfarb embarks upon.


No need for Chilli to travel as extensively these days.  She prefers to walk her pack of spaniels and hang out on the beach beside her house in the tropics of Queensland, Australia.  And then, of course, there’s writing.

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